A profile of our bortherhood


About Eric Francavilla:

I am a member of FarmHouse Fraternity.

Members come from different walks of life, and they bring to the fraternity their own unique experiences. Here are some of the things about me that I bring to the FarmHouse brotherhood:

  • Twenty-year-old white male
  • Born in Omaha, Nebraska
  • Student of communication at Washington State University, anthropology minor
  • Journalist, published in the The Daily Evergreen newspaper
  • Poet, published in The Element
  • Philosopher, currently reading Friedrich Nietzsche
  • Archer, composite bow (45 ft/lbs)
  • Gamer and virtual community anthropologist (including RuneScape, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Dungeons and Dragons Online and Second Life)
  • Fighter in my personal battle with Crohn’s Disease, currently in remission

About Men of Farmhouse — WSU, the blog:

This blog is an ongoing project for COM499. I will be working with a topic of my choosing (FarmHouse) to showcase my skills working with various media programs and content editing techniques. I intend the final product of this class to take the form of a profile of WSU FarmHouse that can be used for recruitment and public relations.

About my career goals:

I want to be a new-age journalist that preserves the tradition of integrity. This goal involves educating readers as local, national and world citizens through reporting, and managing a news service–print or digital–to survive in the markets of present and future without sacrificing ethics or community service.

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